Bryce Fielding

aka: superman

Bryce was born and raised in the, once small, town of Hooper, Utah, nearby the Wasatch Range and Uintah Mountains. At a young age, he was introduced to the outdoors and hunting by his Father, whose life’s work was his career with the Division of Wildlife Services. Alongside his Dad, a love of nature began to grow and he became entranced by mountains and wildlife. Because the fondness for the wilderness ran deep within Bryce’s family and within his own blood, he quickly learned all of the mountaintop names and their best secret hunting locations, or “no-tell canyons”. As soon as he was of age, he became an avid hunter of all that Utah’s countryside had to offer.  For Bryce, hunting wasn’t about trophy game or bragging rights; it was centered on the camaraderie and bonding time spent with friends and loved ones in the great outdoors.

Over the years, his hunting hobby became more than a passion. Bryce not only loved hunting himself, but wanted to help others feel the exhilaration and gratification that can only come from a big game hunt, so in the year 2000 he began guiding. Some of Bryce’s best attributes as a guide include his local hunting expertise, easy-going personality, patience, attention to detail and safety, and his ability to instruct hunters of all ages, hunting backgrounds, and experience levels. You can rest assured that he will do everything in his power to make sure that your experience is  fun, memorable, and successful.

While Bryce feels at home in the mountains of Northern Utah, with his family is where his heart is. With his loving wife of 22 years, Sara, he has been blessed with four wonderful children, Wyatt, WyLee, Qyncee, and Qwestyn. When he is not guiding, he spends his time with his wife coaching and cheering-on his children while they compete on a variety of sports teams, or joining them on their own hunting expeditions, not only as their guide and mentor but as their father and biggest supporter. It is no surprise why they call him “Superman.” 

Big game hunter, devoted family man, and man of faith; Bryce has been very fortunate over the years as today he is still living his dream in the outdoors. As the saying goes “There’s no wifi out here, but we promise, you will not find a better connection…”

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