Deseret CWMU State Antlerless Elk Hunt


If you're a Utah resident, you can obtain a Deseret CWMU antlerless elk permit by applying through the public drawing. If you are a NON-RESIDENT you cannot apply for a CWMU permit though the public drawing. All of our antlerless elk tags go to the public for the public drawing. Therefore non-residents can't obtain an antlerless elk tag on the Deseret CWMU. To learn more about Utah's CWMU program click HERE. 

Deseret will no longer be guiding or assisting cow elk hunters free of charge. Cow elk hunters can choose to hire a guide or hunt on their own and have a do it yourself type of experience (see the two options below). There is an optional shooting and training class held Satruday August 11th. 

Guided cow elk hunting option:

  • Hunt dates: October through December 
  • Guided: 2 on 1
  • Lodging and Meals: No
  • Guest: No 
    • Unless the hunter is a youth (21 and younger), female, and/or have a disability (you have a physical or mental condition that makes you unable to hunt without major assistance of another individual)
    • If you want to bring a guest and do not meet the qualifications above you can pay for a 1 on 1 guided hunt. It will cost an extra $200 in addition to the guide fee. You basically have to for another guide to come to Deseret that day. 
  • What is provided:
    • The hunter will ride with the guide in the guide’s vehicle while on the ranch
    • The guide will locate elk and help the hunter to make a successful harvest
    • The guide will field dress and pack out the elk
  • Meeting location: this will depend on where the elk are located
  • Items to bring for the hunt:
    • Hunting clothing (Deseret is 15-20 degrees colder than Salt Lake City)
    • Hunter orange (hat and vest required by state)
    • Food and drinks for yourself
    • Deseret Antlerless Elk tag
    • Rifle and ammunition
    • Game bags. If we quarter the elk, it will keep your meat clean (we recommend 5 quarter. We use Alaskan Game Bags)
    • Hunting pack
  • Number of hunt days: 2 
  • Cost
    • Option 1 Guided and attended the shooting class: 
      • We are offering a very informative shooting and gun training class (free of charge)
      • The class is Saturday August 11th at the Main Ranch Woodruff, UT (Click Here for Direction)
      • If you come to the shooting class the cost of the hunt is discounted to $212 ($200 plus $12 sales tax) This does not include a tip to your guide. You must attend the shooting class and training if you want to be guided at the reduced rate
      • The reason for the shooting class is to help hunters become more comfortable with shooting, shooting position, shooting quickness. This in hopes will help with stress on the elk as well as wound and loss. The guides that are teaching the class are highly educated in in this field. Their knowledge that they will share can help any hunter become a better shot. 
      • The hunters that decide to do the shooting class will have first pick on hunt dates
      • Please bring your paperwork and check to the sooting class (made out to Wild Country Hunting Club)
    • Option 2 Guided but did NOT attend the shooting class:
      • If you decide not to attend the shooting class, the cost for the guided hunt is $424 ($400 plus $24 sales tax). This does not include a tip to your guide. 
      • If you are doing this option please send your paperwork and check (made out to Wild Country Hunting Club) ASAP. Send to PO BOX 150315 Ogden, UT 84415. You will be contacted around the end of August with available dates. The hunters that come to the shooting class get first pick on dates. 
  • Tips: Guides use there own vehicles and equipment. Although guide tips are not required, they are greatly appreciated. Average tips range from $20-$100 per hunter with the most common tip being $50 per hunter. 

Non-Guided cow elk hunting option (DIY):

  • Guest: Two guest is allowed per hunter
    • Each hunter is allowed to bring a max of TWO guest. 
    • Only one vehicle is allowed per hunter. One vehicle for the hunter and two guest. No exceptions. 
  • Vehicles: No ATV’s, side-by-sides, horses, etc are allowed 
    • 4x4 vehicles are highly recommended 
    • Good tires and chains for your vehicle are highly recommended
  • Items to bring for the hunt:
    • Hunting clothing (Deseret is 15-20 degrees colder than Salt Lake City) or check Woodruff, UT weather
    • Hunter orange (hat and vest required by state)
    • Food and drinks
    • Hunting tag
    • Rifle and ammunition
    • Hunting pack
  • Number of hunt days: 6 days 
    • You are welcome to come as few or as many days as you wish from the selected dates
    • You DO NOT need to call or inform us which days you are coming; just make sure to check in at the check-in station when you arrive.
  • Hunt dates:
    • November 12th-17th (Monday-Saturday)
    • These are the ONLY dates for the non-guided cow elk hunt
    • We recommend you give yourself multiple days to try to harvest an antlerless elk
  • Meeting location: Main Ranch Woodruff, UT (Click Here for Direction)
    • Check in time begins at 6:30 AM
    • Every hunter is required to check in before they start hunting. Every hunter is also required to check out before leaving. Even if an animal is not harvested, we still need to know that you are off the CWMU.
  • This hunt is not easy and a successful antlerless elk harvest is not guaranteed
  • If you choose this option we will plan on seeing you at the check-in station in November. Please send your paper work in ASAP to PO BOX 150315 Ogden, UT 84415
  • If you are doing the non guided hunt and would like to particapte in the shooting you are more than welcome to. A lot of great information will be shared that all hunters and shooters could benefit from. 

To ensure a quality hunting experience for all public hunters all scheduling and inquiring must be done through Wild Country Outfitters Management (contact information at the bottom of this letter). Individual Wild Country Outfitter guides are NOT permitted to schedule hunts or deviate from the information in this letter. 

Hunters may shoot only one animal. Once an animal has been wounded, hit, or blood has been drawn, that is your animal and you will NOT be able to harvest or shoot at another animal. Anyone found wounding or harvesting more than one animal will be dealt with civilly by DLL and/or turned over to Law Enforcement for destruction of wildlife charges with the State of Utah.

To download the 2018 Antlerless Elk Letter Click HERE