Dave Dingman

Dave was born in Eugene, Oregon and at a young age the family moved to Northern Utah.

As a kid, Dave explored the Oregon coast and the mountains of Northern Utah, and learned to love the outdoors - with his dad along side him, teaching him everything he knew. Hunting and Fishing since he was only eight years old, Dave has gone on to guide many hunts in Central Utah as well as his time at Deseret.  The experience he has learned from his Dad and Father in law is being put to good use.

Dave is married to his sweet wife Melanie.  Together they have three children, and five grandchildren.  He has shared his love of the outdoors with his family and continues to teach others as he was taught; to enjoy the peace of nature, and to understand the animals in their habitat.  Dave says that his family brings him "the most joy, above anything”.

For Dave, the opportunity to be out in the mountains, away from the commotion of the world and to observe and learn about the animals is what he loves most about the hunt.  He enjoys every opportunity to help others find joy in hunting, and takes great pride in helping them to push themselves beyond what they feel they can accomplish to find success.  He knows that the best trait a sportsman can have is patience.  He says to "let the animal tell its’ story so you can understand it through its’ patterns, and habits". 

When it comes time to harvest an animal, he takes great care to do so humanely and shows proper respect to the animals.   

Dave and Melanie opened Dingman Professional Printing in 1998 to help meet the needs of business owners in his area, their company has grown immensely and now provides services to clients all throughout the United States.  He always has the attitude of selfless service and emulates deep and abiding human values.  He applies these values on his hunts to ensure that his clients and fellow sportsmen have the most enjoyable time they can possibly have and share in his love of the outdoors.

Dave is excited to be part of such a great team at Wild Country Outfitters and Deseret.

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