Deseret Land and Livestock

Utah Ranch

Deseret and Wild Country Inc. has partnered and is in the process of partnering with a few groups (corporations/private businesses/families & friends) in a conservation partnership/environmental lease on the Deseret Ranch in Northern Utah. Deseret is a full time cattle ranch that is grazed and managed mindfully with the whole ecosystem in perspective. Their proven track record over many decades of rotational grazing has shown that cattle, wildlife, and habitat cannot only live in conjunction, but can thrive in conjunction.

The Ranch

Vast beyond imagination, farther than the eye can see, the Deseret Ranch stretches across rugged9000 foot pine cliffs, aspen meadows, and rolling prairie grasslands. In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, the Deseret CWMU encompasses 227,000+ acres.



From a hunting perspective, the Deseret ranch is remarkable and one of a kind. The property supports tremendous densities and high quality big game. This is 100% fair chase big game hunting for Rocky Mountain Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn and Shiras Moose. Deseret and Wild Country manages the harvest age of bull elk and buck deer to maximize full trophy and age potential. 

Mule Deer 

The icon of the American West, the mule deer, is slowly becoming a myth. Deseret has worked hard to maintain and increase the quality and quantity of the herd since the introduction of the lease program (2010). The ranch has been very successful with its management tactics and has achieved a very diverse age structure in the herd. The ranch maintains many mature trophy classbucks. 


Rocky Mountain Elk 

With numbers that will astonish, the elk herd on the Deseret ranch is nothing short of spectacular. With a 80 bull to 100 cow ratio, mature class bull elk are not hard to come by. The Deseret’s bull elk hunt is unsurpassed by any elk hunt in the nation. High quality mature bulls can be seen and harvest whether hunting early season, mid-season, or late season (until November 20th). 

Pronghorn Antelope

Pronghorn grace the plains on Deseret's eastern grasslands. Often referred to as the "speed goat", the pronghorn is amazing to see on the hoof in the open prairie. With a large pronghorn population, this is very successful hunt. Whether hunting them in September during the rut or late in October when they group in the hundreds, this is a wonderful big game animal to have as part of Deseret's lease.   

Shiras Moose

An impressive big game animal to see in the field, the Shiras moose, can stand 5-6.5 feet from hooves to shoulders. Most of our moose hunts are done in October when the leaves shed from the trees and a large number of moose can be seen. Many of our hunts produce 40 inch bull moose but can reach up to 45 inches. Obtaining a Shiras moose permit is very difficult these days; in the lease program we are allocated two-three moose vouchers each year. 

fly fishing utah rainbow trout - 31.jpg

Fly Fishing 

High jumping, reel singing Rainbows abound in the utter magnificence of the Rocky Mountains. Deseret has nine beautiful lakes/ponds full of large rainbow trout. Our Rainbows are healthy, strong, and beautiful. These Rainbows will give you one of the hardest trout fights you can imagine. The ranch also has 13+ miles of pristine mountain streams that support wild Cutthroat Trout. 

Upland Bird and Waterfowl

There is an abundance of uplands birds on the Deseret Ranch. Bag limits can be met daily on blue and ruffed grouse. The property supports a healthy population of migratory birds including Canadian Geese and wide variety of duck species. 

Recreational Activities 

The hunting and fly fishing is one of Deseret’s greatest treasures, but there is much more to be enjoyed on this magnificent piece of land. Other recreational activities can include: hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, horseback riding, sight seeing, wildlife observing, arrowhead hunting, stand up paddle boarding/canoeing, and more. 


The lodge on Deseret is a grand 12,000 square foot building equipped with all the amenities of a modern lodge, a beautiful fireplace, spectacular views, and a great camp cook. Each hunter gets his or her own room which is furnished with a queen bed/two twin beds and has its own private bathroom. During the fall hunting months, the lodge is used for all hunters, guests, and guides. The lodge is also a great place to spend in the spring or summer for corporate events, family reunions, business meetings, or a relaxing retreat. 


As a conservation lease member, you hold a unique opportunity to experience all that Deseret has to offer. You will have the ability to entertain clients, business associates, employees, family members, and friends with all the activities mentioned above. Wild Country manages, in conjunction with Deseret’s Natural Resource Manager, the operations of wildlife, habitat, buildings, lodging facilities, roads, packing trails, recreational areas, and more. As a conservation partner, you have the opportunity to participate along with Wild Country in the operations of the Deseret Lease (i.e. winter elk feeding, sage grouse counts, hiking trail improvements, habitat restoration/improvements, big game density counts/classification, just to name a few). 

Wild, untamed, and timeless, the Deseret Ranch is truly remarkable. This lease program is a unique and rare opportunity to become a steward of one of the greatest western ranches. We invite you to leave your mark on a true American original, the Deseret Ranch. 

To download the cost of the lease program click HERE