Hunting Rules

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These rules apply for all the Deseret Hunts/hunters

  • To ensure a quality hunting experience for all public hunters all scheduling and inquiring must be done through Wild Country Outfitters Management. Individual Wild Country Outfitter guides are NOT permitted to schedule hunts or deviate from the information in this letter. 
  • Our goal is to provide you with a quality hunting experience. You will be provided with the same opportunity as our paying clients are given. Your job is to enjoy the experience and conduct yourselves in a manner so that all other guests have a quality experience as well.
  • Hunters are allowed to shoot one and only one animal of which they have a permit for. Once you hit an animal and/or draw blood, that's your animal.  Please be aware of your animal and its surrounds, stalk your quarry and pick your shots carefully.  Anyone found wounding or harvesting more than one animal will be dealt with civilly by DLL and/or turned over to Law Enforcement for wanton destruction of wildlife charges with the state of Utah. 
  • No chasing, pursuing, pushing, herding, or harassing game with a vehicle. 
  • No hunting on Sundays
  • No alcoholic beverage are allowed on the ranch. 
  • All hunters must abide by Utah State laws as they pertain to wildlife. Click HERE for Utah Wildlife Laws
  • All hunters must wear the correct amount of hunter orange at all times while hunting. 
  • You are not to drive off the main gravel roads or well established two tracks. Failure to comply with this rule could result in you paying any repairs to damages and or pay fines imposed by the ranch.
  • State laws protect livestock on Deseret Land and Livestock (DLL). Do not harm, harass, or    shoot livestock. DLL may file civil charges against anyone for harassing, shooting, or harming livestock.
  • All gates are to remain ‘as they were’ when you approached them.  If they are open, leave     them open, if closed close them.
  • Most other wildlife species found on DLL are protected by state law and/or require special licenses or permits to ‘take’ these animals. HUNTING other wildlife species of any kind on DLL is prohibited. Anyone caught participating in such activities will be dealt with civilly by DLL and/or turned over to Law Enforcement for wanton destruction of wildlife charges with the state of Utah. THIS MEANS, No fishing in the streams or ponds, no hunting coyotes/badgers, no hunting prairie dogs or ground squirrels, no hunting of upland game or waterfowl on DLL.
  • Shed antlers are considered property of DLL. No hunter or their guest are allowed to pick     up, remove, or take from the ranch any shed antlers. Failure to comply with this rule may     result in civil charges filed against you or your guest by DLL.
  • All hunters must check in and check out at the check in station prior to entering and exiting     the Ranch (see figure 1). All harvested animals must be checked in as well.
  • Respect ranch and employees and be safe and courteous while driving on ranch roads.
  • No horses, ATVs, side-by-sides, or other off-road vehicles are allowed on the ranch.
  • No littering, hunters need to remove all of their casings, cans, trash, and debris from the premises.
  • No fires will be permitted anywhere on the CWMU.