Deseret Cattle and Citrus

Florida Ranch

Deseret and Wild Country Inc. is in the process of partnering with a few groups (corporations/private businesses/families and friends) in a conservation partnership/environmental lease on the Deseret Cattle and Citrus Ranch in Central Florida. This lease program will be similar to what we have done on Utah’s Deseret Land and Livestock Ranch and the Oklahoma Sooner Ranch. This ranch is a full time cattle ranch and is owned and managed by the same company that owns and runs our Utah and Oklahoma ranches. This ranch practices rotational grazing to benefit the cattle, all wildlife, and habitat.

The Ranch

This speculator 300,000+ acre ranch is a pristine arrangement of pastures, citrus groves, wetlands, and woodlands. For more than six decades, Deseret has helped preserve this wonderful piece of land in Central Florida.

This Ranch is in proximity to many other attractions in Florida which makes it an ideal location for a lease program. The Ranch headquarters is located 45 minutes southeast of Orlando and the most famous family resort, Disney World. 30 minutes to the east are beautiful beaches and great saltwater fishing. 


Whitetail Deer

With good management plan along with your help, Wild Country and DCC will be able to grow the quality of the deer. By only harvesting 5.5 year old deer or older, DCC deer have the genetics and potential to rival any deer hunting land in Florida. The state of Florida offers three deer hunting seasons: 

Wild Country’s strategy for the first few years isto have 40 deer hunters scattered over these three seasons. We intend to have no more than six hunters per week and plan to set up 20 blinds for this first season. There are many other areas that we expect to have deermovement and will set up portable blinds accordingly.

The state of Florida offers three deer hunting seasons: 

  • Archery (Sept.17th - January 22nd)
  • Muzzleloader (Oct. 22 - Nov. 4)
  • Rifle (Nov. 5 - Jan. 22nd)

Osceola Turkeys

 The Osceola turkeys, one of the five subspecies of wild turkeys in North America, is one of the most sought-after and desired game species in Florida. The only place in the World Osceola live is on the Florida peninsula. This makes them very unique and extremely popular among hunters. The Florida ranch has a very large and healthy population of Osceola turkeys. 

Wild Country will have 40 turkey hunters starting the spring of 2018. Season dates will run from March 18th to April 23rd. During these dates we will be taking groups on two to three day hunts.

deseret-cattle-citrus-florida-ranch-largemouth-bass (1).jpg


Many lakes and ponds are scattered across the Florida Ranch and provide magnificent fishing for largemouth bass and crappie. Over 20 percent of the ranch is adjacent to the St. John River, world famous for fishing and air boating. Privately owned, Taylor Creek Reservoir is in the middle of the ranch and covers over 3500 acres. This body of water is full of great largemouth bass and crappie. Whether fly or spin fishing with top water lures, the bass fishing is world class.

Game Birds

Quail hunting has provided treasured hunting memories for many Americans. The Florida ranch hopes to bring many more great quail hunting memories to its new lessees. The Quail on the ranch are being managed in a way that are showing great population increases and fantastic hunting opportunities. The season is from November 12th to March 5th. Because we don't want to be shooting guns during deer season, the plan is to run the quail hunts from January 1st to March 5th.

The waterfowl hunting on the ranch is excellent and consist of resident birds as well as migratory birds (i.e. Canadian geese). 

2016-2017 Waterfowl Season Dates:

  • Early Canada Goose:  Sept. 3-25, 2016
  • September Teal and Wood Duck:  Sept. 17-21, 2016
  • September Teal Only: Sept. 22-25, 2016 
  • Regular Season (Ducks, Coots, and Light Geese): 
    • Nov. 19 - Nov. 27, 2016
    • Dec. 10, 2016 - Jan. 29, 2017
  • Regular Season Canada Goose: 
    • Nov. 19 - Nov. 27, 2016 
    • Dec. 1, 2016 - Jan. 30, 2017
  • Youth Duck and Goose: Feb. 4-5, 2017


It is thrilling to see alligators basking on the shores of the channels, something all first time hunters should experience. Please contact us to get more information about gator hunting. 

fly fishing utah rainbow trout - 31.jpg

Wild Pigs 

Wild pigs are the second-most popular large animal hunted in Florida. Wild pigs may be hunted year round. You are invited to arrange a time to come hunt these animals anytime scheduling allows. Wild Country highly encourages the harvest of wild hogs.

The Lease

Lodging and meals will not be provided for the first couple of years. Our plan is to construct a lodge for all of our lessees to be a part of. As of now, clients will need to stay at a local hotel and eat breakfast and dinner in town; deli style lunch will be provided.

We plan to have a representative on the ranch on close to a full-time basis taking care of our interests and preparing the ranch for upcoming hunting visits. Most hunts will be guided 2-on-1. If you feel you would like a 1-on-1 experience we can work out something to accommodate your needs. We will be working with our partners to ensure all clients involved are treated fairly and equally, and each will have the same opportunity to harvest trophy animals and full bag limits. 

There are currently 11 lease spots available with each lease costing $35,000.00.

Each lease includes: 

  • 4 deer hunters 1 must be a Cull buck hunter
  • 4 Osceola turkey hunter
  • 2 full days of Quail hunting (4 hunter limit)
  • Pig hunting year around (as long as not conflicting with a deer or turkey hunt)
  • Fishing (anytime during the year on our leased piece of the ranch and Taylor Creek Reservoir)
  • Waterfowl and air-boating

Contact us to discuss lease opportunities. You can take as many lease spots as you wish or if you want to work out a different split with the lease program this can also be arranged. We are excited about this new opportunity with the Florida Ranch and look forward to hunting with you in the future!