Hyrum Facer

AKA: Ricochet

Hyrum was born and raised in Utah. He grew up hunting and fishing at a very young age with his Dad and Grandpa. Ever since he first step into the field, Hyrum fell in love with the outdoors. “The outdoors and wilderness provide an escape from the busyness of the real world.”

He spent much of his childhood and early hunting years hunting and exploring the land around Deseret; Hyrum knows the surrounding properties of Deseret, both public and private, as good as anyone. Prior to his guiding years, Hyrum did security for Deseret and other surrounding ranches. He has caught a few bad guys back in his security days. He started guiding on three separate ranches in Northern Utah back in 2001.

Hyrum has three kids and is married to the love of his life Natalie. He loves sharing his passion for the outdoors with his wife and kids.

The Deseret Ranch is a huge part of Hyrum’s life and he is truly very grateful for the opportunity that has been given to guide on the elusive ranch. From the beauty of the landscape to the wildlife, especially the elk, there aren’t many places like Deseret. Deseret is special to Hyrum and he loves every minute of being a guide on the ranch. While he isn’t guiding on Deseret, he worlds as a Human Resource Representative at Autoliv.

While Hyrum loves archery hunting deer and elk for himself, he has also found great joy in helping others fulfill their life long dreams of pursuing big game on the Deseret Ranch. He is very patient and ensures that you will have the best hunting experience you could ever have while pursuing wildlife on Deseret. Hyrum has enjoyed being part of Wild Country Outfitters team because we will ensure that you will have one of the best deer and elk experiences that you could ever have.

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