Jaden Larsen

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Jaden has been chasing his Dad and the other guides around Deseret since he was eight years old. Some of his hobbies are fly fishing, archery hunting, hiking and spending time with his family.  He has successfully harvested five antlered bulls of his own on public lands in Colorado. He got his own loading equipment when he was fifteen and has been loading all of the families’ cartridges ever since. He understand ballistics quite well. 

He is an excellent packer and has maneuvered his four wheeler down almost every drainage on Deseret to pack out elk. He is an excellent elk caller and prides himself in calling in any lonesome cow or calf. He has been guiding cow elk hunts and providing security on the self-guided hunts. He makes sure that his clients have an enjoyable hunting experience. His most memorable experience was the challenge of getting a client his first cow elk with a muzzleloader. After hours of stalking and calling, he got the right setup at 40 yards.

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