Joe Mcfarlane

Joe has been coming to Deseret Land and Livestock since 1982. He has been guiding big game hunts for the past 17 years on several private ranches in Northern Utah; sixteen of those years have been spend on Deseret. Joe is a mechanical engineer in his full time employment. Joe guides three to four weeks during our antlered hunting season in the fall, and weekends through January for antlerless hunts. Joe has guided hunters for all species found on Deseret (elk, deer, antelope, and moose), but primarily guides rifle deer and elk hunts.

Joe is excellent on scoring animals on the hoof, and does much of the scoring for ranch records when he is in camp. He is also excellent in breaking down an animal in the field, providing clean meat when it arrives in the locker room. Joe is well versed in ballistics and understands the details involved with long range shooting under the right circumstances; as with most guides, he will do everything possible to have shots under 300 yards for rifle hunters. Joe is easy to work with and focused on ensuring clients enjoy their experience on Deseret.

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