Oklahoma Ranch

Similar to the conservation partnership we have done on Utah’s Deseret Land and Livestock, we have recently expanded our conservation partnerships to new ranches.  The Oklahoma Ranch is 16,743 acres located in northern Oklahoma. This ranch is a full time cattle ranch, owned and managed by the same company that owns and runs our Utah ranch. Therefore they know how to graze cattle in conjunction with wildlife. Like our Utah ranch, they value the whole resource and are great stewards of the land. The ranch is located on the Bird Creek and Sand Creek drainages about 45 miles northwest of Tulsa. Over 60% of the ranch is covered in oak trees along with a few other species of trees. The wildlife habitat is tremendous for growing large Whitetails and big numbers of turkeys. The ranch is home to large number of deer, turkeys, and quail along with a growing population of ducks, coyotes, and wild pigs. In the past the ranch has had a limited number of hunters that have had great success on their 3-day rifle deer hunts; it has never been managed for trophy deer until now. As far as we can tell no one has ever hunted the turkeys or quail on this ranch. New management has been brought to the ranch over the past couple of years. The Oklahoma ranch has invited Wild Country to partner with them to help bring the hunting part of the conservation partnership to its full potential.

The state of Oklahoma offers three hunting seasons for deer: Archery (October 1st-January 15th), Muzzleloader (October 22nd-30th), and Rifle (November 19th-December 4th).  Our plan for the first few years is to have optimal number of hunters per deer populations based on areal surveys, trail cams and lease representative observationscattered over these three seasons. We plan to have no more than 6 hunters per week and plan to set up 20-80 feeders and blinds for all three seasons. There are many other areas that we plan to watch for deer movement and will set up portable blinds accordingly. 

Prior to the 2016 hunting season the ranch had not been hunted for the past 2 seasons, we believe with a good management program along with your help we can grow the quality deer that will rival any hunting land in the country. The genetics and potential for these whitetails are there as long as we manage for the optimal number by only shooting mature 5-½ year deer or older and harvesting the optimal numbers of cull bucks and does.

We will have the same number of turkey hunters as we do deer hunters starting the spring of 2017. Counts on turkeys will be done the same as the deer. Season dates will be from April 6th-May 6th and we will accommodate 2 to 3 day hunts for your group within these dates. Quail season is from November 12th 2016 to February 1st 2017. Dates for all hunts may very slightly based on the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation regulations. Because we don't want to be shooting guns during deer season, we plan to run most of the quail hunts January 1st-February 1st. Duck season runs from September through mid-January. Again as to not disturb the deer season with bullets flying, we plan to have our guides run these hunts mid-December through mid-January. Pigs can be hunted year around and you are invited to arrange a time to come hunt these animals anytime scheduling allows. 

Lodging and meals will not be included with the lease for the first couple of years. Our plan is to construct a lodge or buy a facility for all of our leases to be a part of. As of now, clients will need to stay at a local hotel and eat breakfast and dinner in town; lunch will be provided or arranged upon request.

We plan to have a representative on the ranch on a close to a full time basis taking care of our interests and preparing the ranch for upcoming hunters/lessees visits. Most hunts will be guided 2-on-1. If you feel you would like or would needa 1-on-1 experience we can work out something to accommodate your needs. We will be working with our partners to ensure all clients involved are treated fairly and equally, and each will have the same opportunity to harvest trophy animals and fill bag limits. We are excited about this new opportunity with the Oklahoma Ranch and look forward to hunting with you in the future!

Click HERE to download more information about the lease program in Oklahoma