Ty Land

Tyson Land utah bull elk 350 bull deseret ranch .jpg

Ty or Tyson has had a love for the outdoors since a very young age. He started tagging along with his dad at Deseret when he was a around four years old. Fly fishing for trout is one of Tyson's biggest passion. He loves spending time on the rivers in northern Utah catching trout. 

Tyson has helped with fishing trips and other excursions on Deseret since he was in high school. Since 2012, he started working full time for Wild Country. He helps with running the day-to-day operations and also guides clients on fly fishing and hunting trips.

Over the past few years he has fallen in love with the big game species on the ranch, especially the elk. Every fall, during the rut, the bull elk bugle send shivers down his spine. 

Tyson, Andrea (his wife), and Quinn (there daughter) spend a lot of time on the ranch in the spring, summer, and fall months. If you visit the ranch you will most likely meet the two of them during your time here. 


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