Tom Land

Tom is the owner and operator of Wild Country Outfitters. He grew up in the mountains of Northern Utah, enjoying everything the versatile region has to offer in the outdoors, especially hunting, fishing, and skiing. 

Tom started his guide career in 1984 on the Green River located in eastern Utah. In 1986 he married the love of his life Cindy McKenzie (Land). Shortly after being married they started a family and moved to the Island Park area of Idaho. Tom guided and operated Last Chance Outfitters on Henry's Fork of the Snake River. He guided fly fishers on the Madison River in Montana, the Henry’s Fork in Idaho, and throughout Yellowstone Park. 

In 1991, Tom began Wild Country Outfitters as a fly fishing outfitter on the Deseret Land and Livestock Ranch and also as a fly fishing retail store in Ogden. After the first year, Deseret’s management gave Wild Country Outfitters the opportunity to outfit fishing and hunting trips on Deseret and he has been pursuing his passion ever since. 

In 2011 MTI began the conservation lease program on Deseret. Wild Country Outfitters was contracted to manage this exciting new adventure. After all these years, Tom still has a love and desire for big game archery hunting, fly fishing, and guiding. He has traveled from Alaska to South America and countless places in between to enjoy these passions. Tom and Cindy have four boys (Tyson, Colton, Austin and Payton) that have found the same love, passion, and respect for the outdoors that Tom and Cindy do.

Checking on the ponds

In the fall of 2015 we installed three wind powered aerators on one of our fishing ponds. This was done to see if there would be an improvement in fish health and survival rate during the winter months. In the fall they were working great, but it was time to see how they had held up over the cold months.

The only way to get to the ponds this time of year is by snow machine. Once arriving at the ponds were were excited and shocked by the amount of snow we had received. This is great for water flow for these ponds. Upon looking at the aerators, we noticed that they had left some openings in the ice. Once again another surprise at the temperature has been in the negatives most mornings and not getting much warmer than 20 degrees during the day (if that). 

We are in high hopes that this year will produce some great fishing.