Utah Ranch


Vast beyond imagination, farther than the eye can see, the Utah Ranch stretches across rugged 9000 foot pine cliffs, aspen meadows, and rolling prairie grasslands. In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, this Utah Ranch encompasses 227,000+ acres.


Bull Elk

With numbers that will astonish, the elk herd on the Utah Ranch is nothing short of spectacular. This is a premium elk hunt with a very large elk herd, high bull to cow ratio (80 bulls to 100 cows), and high hunter success. On the Utah Ranch mature bulls are not hard to come by. There isn’t many places that can offer elk in the size and numbers that will be found on the Utah Ranch. This is a very exciting hunt, whether your chasing a bull during the rut with a bow or going after a bull in late October and November.

Buck Deer

The icon of the American West, the mule deer, is slowly becoming a myth. The Utah Ranch Management and Wild Country has worked hard to maintain and increase the quality and quantity of the herd since the introduction of the lease program (2010). The ranch has been very successful with its management tactics and has achieved a very diverse age structure in the herd. The ranch maintains many mature trophy class bucks. Hunters can expect to have many opportunities at seeing and at harvesting a mature buck. 


Fly Fishing

fly fishing utah rainbow trout - 11.jpg

We offer nine beautiful lakes/ponds full of large rainbow trout. Our Rainbows are healthy, strong, and beautiful. These Rainbows will give you one of the hardest trout fights you can imagine.

The ranch has 13 miles of pristine mountain streams for magnificent cutthroat and cuttbows trout. Our remote areas of the streams are wild and support a healthy population of Native Cutthroats. 


utah lodge rocky mountains  - 2.jpg

The camp on Utah Ranch is a beautiful 12,000 square foot lodge with all of the amenities: hot and cold running water, electricity, flush toilets, fireplace, spectacular views, and a great camp contracted cook. Each hunter gets his or her own room which is furnished with a queen bed and has its own bathroom.