Kenny Taylor

kenny taylor mule deer

Ken is married to Janae Taylor and has two children and five grandchildren. He and his family spend many hours together hunting, fishing, camping and hiking, and have many great memories working on the Deseret Ranch. They love the closeness that these activities promote in their family, and as their family grows, they are looking forward to enjoying these activities with their grandchildren too. 

Archery hunting has always been a favorite of Ken’s. He spent many years on the PSE shooting staff and enjoyed participating in both the competition target shooting circuit as well as archery hunting. He has continued his love of hunting by guiding both archery and rifle hunts as well as being a fly fishing guide. He has been guiding since 1992 on Deseret Land & Livestock (DLL).

Ken also enjoys observing and videoing the wildlife year around for qualifying, ageing and observing the habits of the animals’. He loves watching the animals grow from year to year and following their growth gene patterns. Ken and his wife Janae, also help manage the DLL Lodge. They both love the Ranch and spend many months together doing what they love most, helping people enjoy their hunts, the DLL hospitality at the lodge, and making sure they take home fun and lasting memories with their friends and family too.

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