Phil Palmer

Phil was born in Northern Utah and has always had a love for the outdoors. He started developing a passion for hunting as a avid bird hunter using a single shot 410 plastic stock. He also developed a great love for big game hunting because it was another opportunity to be in the outdoors. Phil learned at a young age that the single most important aspect with big game management is protecting and conserving wildlife habitat. His passion for wildlife habitat lead him in being an instrumental individual in starting the Utah Chapter for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. 10 years of his life was spent as Chairman of the Elk Foundation raising funds to put money back into the “Ground” for wildlife and habitat. Phil is a “Life Member” of the Elk Foundation and he is always intrigued by the many projects that Deseret has going on to improve the range for elk, mule deer, and cattle alike.

In 1985, he started working for Deseret because of his interest in habitat preservation and protection. Phil has hunted on Deseret and has made many life long friends with the guides and other workers at Deseret. He lived and spent 10 summers on Deseret working on many projects including: clearing roads, fence replacement, and his most enjoyable work of gathering data and information on wildlife.

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